Half-Day Archaeological & Scenic Marvels Tour of Alghero Surroundings



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3-4 hours
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panoramic, archeologic
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Half-Day exclusive Archaeological & Scenic Marvels Tour of Alghero Surroundings

Dive deep into Alghero’s rich history and spectacular natural beauty with our specially curated half-day tour. Led by expert local guides, this journey is a seamless blend of ancient archaeology and breathtaking landscapes, offering a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of Alghero and its surroundings. Seize the opportunity to photograph some of the most picturesque landscapes in Sardinia.

Itinerary Highlights:

– Depart from Alghero: Begin your adventure with a comfortable journey on our tour bus (max 8 pax).
– Nuraghe Palmavera Discovery: Step back in time at the Nuraghe Palmavera, a pivotal archaeological site dating back to 1500-1100 BC. Explore the complex structure of this ancient Nuragic settlement, from its main tower to the surrounding buildings, and learn about the daily life, construction techniques, and social organization of the Nuragic people.
– Porticciolo & Capo Caccia Panoramas: Marvel at the stunning vistas of Porticciolo with its charming Catalan tower and the dramatic limestone cliffs of Capo Caccia. Capture the iconic view of Foradada Island, a gem within the Porto Conte Regional Park.
– Engaging Guided Insights: Throughout the tour, enjoy enriching stories, deep geological and archaeological insights, and intriguing anecdotes from our knowledgeable local guides.

Tour Duration: 3-4 hours of immersive exploration.

Travel Tips: Comfortable footwear recommended for an enjoyable walk.


Tour Advantages:

Experience the perfect mix of Sardinia’s ancient culture and stunning natural wonders, ideal for lovers of history, archaeology, and the Mediterranean landscape.

Enjoy a comprehensive guided tour of the Nuraghe Palmavera, delving into the heart of ancient Nuragic civilization.

Benefit from the expertise of our local guides, who provide a rich, engaging narrative on the region’s history and geological formations.

Join us on this captivating half-day tour around Alghero to uncover the beauty and mysteries of ancient Sardinia. With our expert guides, comfortable transportation, and a focus on both historical and natural sites, this tour promises a memorable and insightful experience into the essence of this beautiful region.

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