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Archeological Tour Monte d’Accoddi and Su Crocifissu Mannu



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Discover Sardinia’s Hidden Gems: Monte d’Accoddi and Su Crucifissu Mannu Neolithic Sites

Explore the lesser-known Neolithic wonders of Sardinia with our guided tour of Monte d’Accoddi and Su Crucifissu Mannu.

Delve into the ancient pre Nuragic civilization on this family-friendly journey through time.


Archaeological Tour Sardinia: Unveiling the Secrets of Monte d’Accoddi and Su Crucifissu Mannu
Discover the wonders of Sardinia’s Neolithic period with our exclusive Archaeological Tour Sardinia. Near Porto Torres, in the province of Sassari, the sites of Monte d’Accoddi and Su Crucifissu Mannu offer a unique window into an ancient world.

On the way back we will pass to Nuraghe Palmavera and visit nuragic complex

Why This Archaeological Tour is a Must-See in Sardinia
Delve into the rituals and customs of the Nuragic civilization, a key feature of our Archaeological Tour Sardinia. These two sites, set amidst breathtaking natural landscapes, are not just visually stunning but are also rich in history and culture.

A Journey Through Time in Sardinia
This tour is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the island’s tradition and history. Ideal for history enthusiasts, groups, families, and young explorers, this 2-hour guided journey promises a day of discovery and a memorable escape from the everyday.

Personalized Guided Experience
Our tours are led by knowledgeable, English-speaking guides who offer a personal touch, unlike standard audioguides. Engage in lively discussions and gain deeper insights into Sardinia’s past.


Important Information

  • Duration: Approximately 4 hours
  • Included: english-speaking guide
  • Included: Bus max 8 persons from Alghero, possibility of pick up from hotel
  • Excluded Ticket 4 euro Monte daccodi, 5 euro Nuraghe Palmavera

Start 9 am.


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