Alghero Food Tour


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4 - 5 hours
Walking tour
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Daily Tour
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Min 4 Max 12

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The Alghero Food Tour is a guided visit of the old town with different tasting stops . But it’s so much more: it’s a tale that will transfer you to the history of the town, through a path back in time and simultaneously you will be introduced to the Sardinian and Italian culture. What’s even more exciting we will invite you to discover the exquisite and unique local cuisine. You will be told anecdotes, curiosities together with little surprises that awaits you! Moreover, it will be the perfect occasion to immerse yourself in the local mentality, make friends, have fun and possibly learn a few words in Italian or the local language!

Our adventure starts in front of Hotel Catalunya and from there we will proceed for a refreshing aperitvo of sparklig wine from the local winery,  surrounded by snacks in the magnificent terrace at the hotel’s Blau Sky Bar where we will be surrounded by a breathtaking view of Alghero.

After making our eyes shine with the enchanting view of the city from above, we will start our walk towards the old town, but not without making a stop  in Area 51 or Vecchia Grotta del Diavolo or Da Bakery for a crispy pizzetta snack and a glass of Sardinian we're ready to be on our way!

All refreshed we can now head at the entrance of the old walled citadel, specifically to Porta Terra, from where we will begin our cultural guided tour along the route of the Aragonese towers and defensive walls, then we move forward inside and come across old buildings , churches, squares and landmarks.

All this cultural effort though, gave us a pretty  big appetite! So let’s go to the Trattoria Caragol for two excellent tastings: one with fish-based trio complemented with a  glass of white Vermentino,  the other with typical Sardinian cold cuts, cheeses and olives accompanied by a red Cannonau!

True, we feel a little heavy now, so what could be better than a homemade ice cream to cool off a bit? And what if I told you that we take it in the best ice cream shop in the city: Re Gelato? Delight for the palate!

Now we are free to make a small walk with our ice cream in hand, as is traditional in Italy, and as soon as we're done, we'll head into one of the most beautiful bars in Alghero, the Cafè Latino, for an espresso coffee and final toast with the traditional Sardinian liquor mirto, directly from its terrace overlooking the harbor and the sea of ​​Alghero!

And now that we have finished the tour, in our eyes will remain the beauty of the city, our mind will be enriched by its history, in our hearts we will keep the memory of the people we’ve met and in our stomach ... there will be no more space because we filled up for good!

Please note: we make every effort to ensure that our tours take place as described above. However, some points of the tour like activities, duration, places may change without further notice due to reasons beyond our control and we will possibly offer a valid alternative meeting the expectations.


Special local sparkling wine Akenta with snacks; pizza by the cut and Sardinian beer; seafood trio (1. catshark in tomato and garlic sauce, 2. octopus salad with potatoes and pecorino cheese, 3. surprise from the chef),  glass of local white wine Vermentino; selection of cold cuts (PROSCIUTTO CRUDO cured ham, GUANCIALE dry meat from pork cheek, COPPA air-cured meat from pork neck, SALSICCIA SALE E PEPE dry sausage salt and pepper), cheese (matured sheep cheese, blue-veined sheep’s cheese Ovinsard and semi-hard sheep’s cheese) olives, and a glass of local red wine Cannonau  all served with traditional Sardinian bread carasau from Ovodda and sliced focaccine bread; two flavors of your choice of artisan gelato ; Italian espresso coffee and typical Sardinian mirto liquer.


  • Food, Cuture and Fun
  • Our licensed guide will share his passion for food and his city with you
  • 5 tasting stops
  • Around 25 different tastings between food and drinks
  • Fresh and best quality food
  • Possibly going home with new knowledge of Italian and local language
  • Low price guaranteed, direct bookings without hassle