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2-4 hours
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walking tour, adventure tour
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Special offer

UWAGA!!! Na via Ferratę del Cabirol obowiązuje zakaz wstępu pod groźbą mandatu. Wejście tylko i wyłącznie na wlasne ryzyko.

Ktoś dokonał w ostatnim tygodniu także zniszczeń przecinając lnki!  Wejście jest bardzo niebezpieczne!!! (uaktualnienie z 1.06.2019).
Jeśli sytuacja ulegnie zmianie, taka informacja na pewno znajdzie się w tej sekcji strony.
Aktualnie otwarta jest via Ferrata della Regina w Monteleone Roccadoria.

Cena wynajęcia sprzętu- 20 euro za osobę. Przy wynajmie sprzętu wymagany jest depozyt w wysokości 100 euro oraz dokument tożsamości.

Cena wycieczki z przewodnikiem 45 euro za osobę, sprzęt oraz ubezpieczenie wliczone w cenę.

A via ferrata del Cabirol is a protected climbing route found in Capo Caccia- Alghero. It offers the relatively inexperienced a means of enjoying dramatic positions and accessing difficult peaks on the cliff with breath taking panoramic sea view, normally the preserve of the serious mountaineer!

Via ferrata is free for any user, but you need special security equipement we rent for 20 euro per person: helmet, sling, complete Y-shaped set with fall energy dissipation absorber and two connectors (for ferrata) type K, lounge and gloves.

When you withdraws the kit you must fill a form where you declare that you possess the necessary skills to climb the via ferrata in autonomy and that you know how to use the kit.

To pick up the kit for hire you must leave your identity card (or, otherwise, a deposit of 100 euros) which will be returned at the end of the rental.

Kits for rent are verified every day, however in no event shall the hirer be liable for damages that be caused to persons or things during the excursion made without guide. The rupture or failure to return of parts of the kit will charged in equal value to the repurchase cost.

If you are not experienced climber but still you want to try this amazing adventure excursion, please contant us. We can organise experienced person for this kind of tour for you. Max 4 persons for group, cost 40 euro per person (includes insurance).

20 euro kit rental + 20 euro accompaniment = 40 euro per person, max 4 persons