ALGHERO TOURS TEAM is a new project built by Antonio Morittu and Malgorzata Lastowska, owners of the company Alghero Service s.a.s. that operates in Sardinia since 2008 with its headquarters in Alghero.

Alghero Tours works for the promotion of local tourism and for the sharing and discovery of the territory, its culture and history. Also to make the experience to stay in Sardinia easier and pleasurable involving all senses. We created pre-organized tours but are open to make other tailored adventures in order to satisfy all needs. We offer guided visits, both for small groups (2-12 people) or for organised groups for up to 50 that we can manage on demand. The guided services are held in Italian and English but it is also possible to get a Polish interpreter or benefit from the help of other colleagues for various languages.

For all the services concerning your stay in Sardinia, you can visit the website of Alghero Service s.a.s. and contact us through our formats.

ANTONIO MORITTU is a licensed Sardinian tour guide N. 1174 (interpretive guide) and co-owner of the company Alghero Service s.a.s. He graduated in Languages and foreign literatures at the University of Sassari and got a diploma in Event Management & Public Relations at the Dublin Business School in Ireland. He manages a family runned small apartmentsts to rent for tourist , called Palauet. He loves nature and the open-air activities, the culture of quality food and wine and shares his love for his land with tourists. He tries to inject to them his passion for Sardinia but Alghero in particular.

MAŁGORZATA ŁASTOWSKA is the co-owner of the company Alghero Service s.a.s. She graduated in Political Science at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland) and got the Italian equivalence at the University of Sassari. She specialises in the Business Management achieving a Master in Business Administration at the Polish Open University. She is interested in problem solving of the business world. A good book is always on her bedside table. She is president of the Cultural Association BaccaNegra in Alghero and looks after its activities. She collaborate with the Polish Embassy in Italy for projects of cultural disclosure abroad. At the moment she is finishing her education to be interpretive natural guide

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